Primary care & internal Medicine

Maintaining good health starts with your Primary Care Physician


We go by many names, like your family doctor or general practioner. No matter what you call us, we’re your first stop for medical care—and
your partner to help you stay healthy. Dr. Tara Cuda delivers comprehensive care that’s as convenient as it is compassionate.

Our office provides you telemedicine options, including video visits and e-Visits, to provide you with the care you need from the comfort of your home. Our office works with a full spectrum of specialists across your South Philadelphia community, including, pharmacists, nutritionists, behavioral health specialists, and ancillary service and support personnel who work collaboratively to offer you a continuum of care that meets all of your health care needs.

Dr. Tara Cuda is here to keep you well, offering a variety of preventive services. Wherever you are in South Philly, your care is never far from home.

- Annual physicals (student/camp/sports/work)

- Diagnostic and screening procedures (radiology, laboratory and other testing)
- Flu shots and many other vaccines
- Health and illness prevention

- Medications and treatment instruction/education
- Ongoing chronic care management
- Preliminary diagnosis
- Prescriptions
- Routine blood work
- Specialist referrals
- Therapeutic plan


Medication Refills

Please call the office during office hours for refills. For your convenience, you may leave a detailed message on our office voice mail, or message your doctor through our patient portal. 


Dr. Tara Cuda is trained in Internal Medicine and provides care in a boutique setting that is focused on YOU. Don’t just be another number; be a valued patient. As a Primary Care patient of Dr. Tara Cuda, you’ll have access to our SameDay Care service, giving you a convenient, same-day option for non-emergency medical issues that may arise after normal office hours.

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