Internal Medicine & Primary Care

Our mission is to procure a healthy lifestyle through preventative care, active movement, and a healthy diet.

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Primary Care

Maintaining good health starts with Primary Care, whether you're sick or well. See us for routine physicals, flu shots, and much more.

Internal Medicine

We're here to help you deal with the complexities of having multiple medical problems or uncontrolled chronic conditions. Let us help you manage them. 

Medicinal Marijuana

Let us help you get registered with the PA Department of Health, meet with a PA certified physician and to obtain your card. 

Depression & Anxiety Treatment

We can help you improve and maintain your overall mental health and emotional well-being through discreet, personalized behavioral healthcare.  

Basic Dermatology

From removal of skin tags, warts or similar conditions, our office can provide efficient diagnosis and treatment of common skin conditions.

In-office Blood Draws

No need to go to a separate lab facility for routine blood draws and phlebotomy. Our on-site lab is convenient, safe and efficient. 

What are people saying?

" Hi my name is Louis M D'Alonzo. Dr Cuda is straight forward and was recommended to me by my old doctor who retired. He did me a great favor because Dr Cuda is just what the doctor ordered lol! Never have to wait. Service is awesome and the doctor is hands on. I would recommend her to a friend "

Louis D'Alonzo

" First truly helpful doctor after years of searching. Recommended by a friend. She listens, is straight-forward, and hands-down the most helpful Dr I've had. Dr Cuda takes any health concerns seriously that others have ignored, and is patient- and care-oriented. "

Karina Gilk

We're here to help...

We focus on preventive care, leading our patients to a healthier lifestyle. Our motto is move your body, eat better, and let's get healthy together. Book an appointment today!

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